41 thoughts on “Everyday Hair Tutorial: How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

  1. thank you for doing a tutorial! my hair is naturally curly, and when I watch tutorials they are all straight haired girls. you gave me hope to give this a try! ☺

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  3. lol this didn't work xD I tried so hard and my hair just either slipped out (i clamped it down so hard @-@) or slid out as I flipped it. Then when I finally succeeded it was still straight x3

  4. When I do this I have lovely curls then do the exact same thing on a different piece of hair and the curls are so wrong!! frustrating but I think I'm going to get some proper protection serum for my hair before hand and practice some more! one side looked lovely though :)

  5. your hair is beautiful. I've been trying to do this for years! even with loads of layers my hair is so thick it takes ages and I kind of gave up. but with a Christmas party this week I needed to refresh my memory. thank you.

  6. How do you keep them on overnight I have pictures tomorrow and I have to wake up early and there's not time to curl it also I know it's late notice but what do you do to keep them in overnight

  7. How long does that take to do start to finish usually? That looks tedious tbh but it looks amazing. Hollywood style hair. I'd love to do that but not sure I'd have the patience. Also curling with a thick plates wow. Cant believe you do that everyday!

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