Change Yourself to Change Society: How to See the Beauty in Everyday Life

Change Yourself to Change Society: How to See the Beauty in Everyday Life

How many times have you heard that “History is repeating itself”? Well, if you look closely, you will see the classic human patterns running around in circles. One doesn’t even have to go far, it is everywhere we turn, including our own lives.

Humans are shaped by their parents, education, and the society they live in. The technological developments made a huge impact on new generations by making the process of getting relevant information, entertainment, and even developing friendships much simpler, available through a relatively stable internet connection and a few clicks.

Although many would argue that there would be as many drawbacks as there are benefits to being constantly connected, the truth is that technology is here to stay, and it will only improve.

Don’t blame the children for wanting to stay a little longer on their Facebook pages, don’t blame the internet for your insufficient activity, and don’t blame politics for not getting what you want – just stop with the blame and become proactive!

First of all, the changes you want to see and implement won’t come overnight. How many times have you started the year with a list of New Year’s resolutions and plans you never followed through with? How many times have you said “I will start tomorrow”? And how many times have you regretted the things you didn’t say or do?

If you want to be more active and reliable, not only for others but mainly for yourself, stop and listen. Notice your life theme and repeating patterns of your friends and family. How they react when you express your opinion and how their thoughts affect your well-being?

Once you start to contemplate the small signs all around and inside you, it will slowly begin to change your perspective. You will discover your true emotions about reality, still, they may not be pleasant at first.    

As mentioned before, once you open your eyes to the world, you will see the repeating patterns that are holding you down. Although those you feel the closest to may not acknowledge this, remember that it is always hard to face the truth. The crucial thing is to focus on your inner voice. What do you want to do?

If you have a daily routine that doesn’t fulfill your desires and has become more of a mechanical process of getting by, spice things up.  

  • Go for a walk – Work can be so consuming that all you want to do is to get home and crawl into bed. Don’t do it! Say no to the negative excuses and go take a breath of fresh air. This can help you relax and forget the worries. Look at the green nature, children playing, blue skies and colors all around you.
  • Listen to some music – Turn up the volume on your speakers and play some funky music that moves your soul and body. Loosen up, sing and maybe dance a little. Increase your serotonin and reduce stress as your body releases feel-good hormones.   
  • Go on a night out – Every once in a while, dress up and go out partying the night away. There is no better way to create interesting stories than celebrating with your friends and feeling free to be your true self.
  • Meet new people – If meeting new people is a hard task for you, look for new acquaintances at friendly or business reunions. Introverts are usually self-conscious, but reality is different than what they imagine. Recognize and accept that it is all in your head. Remember all of the times you though someone was perfect, yet they turned out to be as human as you are with problems exactly or similar to yours or someone you know.
  • Learn something new – Let’s play have you ever! Have you ever wanted to learn bowling, swimming, singing, dancing, a new language or sport? Whatever has been on your mind for a long time is worth giving a try, but you need to actually commit to it. Beginnings are always hard, but the reward is far greater than giving up.    
  • Travel – Discover new locations and detox your mind on a voyage. If there is a place you’ve wanted to visit, pack your bags and travel. It doesn’t have to be abroad, small countryside vacancies or camping in nature is fine as well.

It is in human nature to blame others for their failures and problems. Don’t be that person – the one that constantly criticizes and yells while holding their head so high up everything else becomes a blur. Remember to stay grateful and respectful of others throughout your transformation into a better version of yourself.

Being proud of your achievements and talents is a positive thing, until you start to put down others because of it. It is a common mistake people make while trying to feel good about themselves. However, there is a way to increase your level of confidence while staying humble.

Put everything on paper and read it when you are finished. Make a list of things you like about yourself, everything you have accomplished so far, and flaws you would like to change. Start to like those qualities and let them boost your confidence day by day.

In addition, writing things down is an excellent way to resolve any confrontations you had in the past or recently. Write them as a story to gain a better perspective. Maybe the problem occurred due to a lack of understanding on your part. Being able to express regret and admit mistakes is a major step towards becoming a better and happier person.

Self-awareness means knowing you are responsible for your life decisions and not putting the responsibility on someone else. Understanding your inner self will help you to better understand people in general. Going through life alone is the hardest and loneliest thing to do. So, cut your loved ones some slack and forgive all the hurtful situations, so that you can grow and evolve into a truly satisfied person.

What goes around eventually comes back around. How you deal with painful or tricky situations is what you will experience in return. Be more empathetic and considering to get a helping hand when you need one. That being said, never allow for your influence to be diminished and always stay true to your beliefs, but permit others to express their opinions and try to learn from them.

It is never too late or too early to start changing for the better. It sounds like a cliché, but “be the change you want to see” really works. The problem is that many feel alone on this quest and give up quickly. Never let yourself forget you are not alone. There are many people thinking the same thing and experiencing life similarly, if not exactly like you.  

Look at your idols and people you would like to be. Have an open conversation and ask them what their secret is. Soon after, you will realize that all of them have their own point of view and goals that bring them the excitement and joy you are craving for. It isn’t all about having the confidence to make changes, you need to create goals and work on them.

On the other hand, the reality is not black and white. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things just won’t work in our favor. When everything seems black there is always a way to overcome that empty feeling.

Think about possible solutions and what your options are. Go with the simplest one and try not to complicate the situation. Nevertheless, accept and acknowledge the things you have no control over. Call your friends for advice and tell them the issues, because you will feel better after putting your frustrations out in the open. Moreover, consider enrolling in some fitness class or a gym. Everyone needs to vent occasionally, and there’s no healthier way to do this than working out.

Don’t lose your temper because you think things should be as you imagined. Keep in mind it is all normal, even those emotions you are going through. Have the patience to deal with things that are going wrong.

When circumstances get too serious, it is difficult to see the funny side of a situation and oneself. However, being able to laugh at the things you didn’t expect is a sign of maturity and wisdom. For every disappointment, there is some humor waiting to be channeled.

The truth is that not everything needs to be serious all the time. Happy folks don’t worry about trivial and petty things or people. They find light in every situation to maintain positivity and hope. Fill out the gaps of anger and frustrations with laughter and encourage others to join you on the brighter side.

Consequently, people will be drawn to you because of your positive energy. They will feel comfortable in your company and want to spend more time with you. And you will be able to put your knowledge to good use and teach them how to become more peaceful and relaxed.

Once you start working on yourself and begin to practice being free and content with your life, the changes will take their toll. Everything around you will seem different as your perspective changes. While you will still see the ugly side of the world, you will also see the beauty of it.

For example, you will notice the transformation of the people whom you’ve helped along the way or observe the strong human will that defends its existence by not accepting other solutions and remaining blind to the many different sides of the reality they live in.

However it may be, the most important thing is that you will be able to preserve your little heaven and share it with others. Try to be a positive role model and share that thinking flow with others. Always help those in need and be open to new experiences.   

The universal truth is that everything we are experiencing is just history set on “repeat”. We’ve all been there and thought about the same things. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs, so you can proudly stand up to impose new standards and change your surroundings.

Changing your ways for the better means reaching out to and inspiring people around you to do the same. One person is enough to start the revolution and motivate the community to dig deep, become more conscious, and unite in mutual respect. Act locally – think globally.

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