April Fool’s Day Movies

April Fool's Day Movies

April fool’s day is a time to make some fun, play pranks and get the best out of tricks. Well, do you know there are many movies that also make us realize the importance of this prank day? Well, listed are some movies, do read on.

1. Jackass

The name of the movie is funny, what you expect is even funnier. This is a classic April fool’s day movie to watch with your family on that day. The whole cast of the movie is perfect for the role. The characters go to any extreme level for playing a prank and well making fun of people. Some succeed and some don’t, but it is a laugh riot for sure.

2. Carrie

The plot of the movie revolves around a horror prank only. The girl Carrie in the movie is very happy as she is declared as the homecoming queen. But, well that was all a prank to get her excited. The movie is too scary as it is based on the prank. All the expressions and things in the movie will certainly make you remember the April fool’s day for sure.

3. Happy accidents

It is a tale of two people who fall in love with each other. This movie is surely funny and sweet. A rom-com which would make you smile for sure. What relates it to the April fool’s day is the twist of the movie. You need to watch it to understand. It’s an interesting story that will make you laugh and well amaze you at the same time.

4. The usual suspects

There are five characters in the movie and they play it hard in a funny way. The tricks and twists make this movie a fun ride for sure. The movie is so funny, that you would not know what is coming up ahead. So, this also makes it a classic comedy movie with a twist. A perfect flick for April fool’s day!

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