7 Friendship Movies That Will Touch Your Heart

7 Friendship Movies That Will Touch Your Heart

Friendship is like a celebration of the heart. The moments that you spend with your friends can be cherished for life. Friendship is truly precious and the time you spend with your friend is also special. Listed are some friendship movies that will touch your heart. Read on to know more.

1. E. T

When you talk about friendship, this flick can’t be missed. This Steven Spielberg classic depicts the true spirit of friendship between a young boy and an alien. How that boy does everything for the alien friend and sends him back to the planet. This is a classic tale of true friendship that will surely make you emotional in life.

2. Now and Then

Four friends who are like best friends make a promise to stay together throughout their lives. They also vow to meet again after some years. How they all grow up through their hard ships and later on meet after a decade. The equation of friendship remains the same in the movie and also the true Spirit of friendship. A must watch with your friends!

3. Free Willy

A bond of friendship can be developed between anyone in life. Free willy is a story of friendship between a small boy and a whale. How he befriends a whale at a marina. Their bond grows with time and he also shares his life with the whale. It is a classic and touching tale of innocent friendship that will surely touch your heart.

4. Clueless

A classic cult flick to learn the rules of life. Clueless is a movie that will make you believe in teen friendship. A young girl gives it all just to make her relationships and friendship work. There is a reason why this movie will touch your heart. Just be there for your friends in life, because that is the most important thing you can do.

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