6 Must-Watch Movies Of Robin Williams

6 Must-Watch Movies Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams was definitely an actor par excellence. He had a distinct thing about his acting which made him truly stand out from others. Robin was truly a gem of a person. Listed are some must watch movies of Robin Williams, do read to know more.

1. Mrs. Doubt fire

Dressed as a housekeeper in the movie, this was one of the best roles he ever played. The role was apart for him as he got through the most difficult part of making people happy. Mrs Doubt fire was a movie that was close to his heart as well. The character was never underplayed and it was way too perfect for him. The best part about the movie was the costume freed. It was too good. The role complimented him too well, and he also received lots of accolades for his role in the movie.

2. Aladdin

Though, he didn’t act in the movie, but his voice was enough to bring the character of Genie alive in the movie. The character of genie was hugely accepted and it was because of Robin that it became so popular. It had a distant voice of an animated character which was truly rear to see. He was in the best form in the animated character. So, this will always stay in the heart forever.

3. One hour photo

Though, Robin was known for his comic roles, he played a different type of a role in this movie. The role was of a photographer with a kind of obsession of clicking pictures. So, this was a dark yet gritty kind of a role. Though, it wasn’t negative, but yes it was really different from what Robin generally played in other movies. So, this can also be a good role or character to remember.

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