10 Reasons Why Ian Somerhalder Will Make A Perfect Husband

10 Reasons Why Ian Somerhalder Will Make A Perfect Husband

On 26 April 2015, something wonderful and terrible happened! The Wonderful thing was Ian Somerhalder got married to his girlfriend of 2 years, Nicki Reed ( lucky lady ) and the terrible thing was he broke a million hearts and dreams by getting married. However we wish, Mr and Mrs Somerhalder a very happy married life ahead. Hope the two of you stay together forever.

So, what do you think will make Ian a perfect husband? Well, here are the reasons, and you will agree with me after reading it!

Here they are

1. His Pretty Blue Grey Eyes Can Be Watched Forever

Someone who doesn’t like Ian will also agree that his beautiful pair of eyes are something you would love to stare at whole your life.

2. He Is Very Good At Understanding People

One of the most down to earth television celebrities, he treats his fans like friends. He always encourages everyone and you can imagine how lucky Nicki is to have him by her side forever. He appreciates everyone around him, even his fans. That is something someone always wants in her husband. And he has it all!

3. He Is Very Mature At Handling Sensitive Issues

If there is a fight, he wouldn’t complicate the matter but try to solve the issue. His understanding of things is way above any other person.

4. He Is An Animal Supporter

Which girl wouldn’t like to marry someone who is cuddly with animals? Ian loves animals of all types, then may it be a cat, dog or horse. He treats them like his family. That tells how emotional and sensitive he is.

5. He Loves To Dance

You have seen him dance as Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries, so it is evident how much he loves to dance. Then may it be ball dance or a quirky one, he will surely make you giggle by dancing with you. That sounds so fun.

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