10 Most Popular People On Facebook

10 Most Popular People On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg brought in some kind of a revolution with the invention of Facebook. It is one of the most popular social media platforms existent today, with countless users across the globe, some of whom are simply addicted to it. A lot of celebrities have also turned to Facebook lately for promoting their work and connecting with fans via official Facebook Pages. These are great to get an insight into your favorite celeb’s personal and professional life.

As of now, the list of the most popular people on Facebook stands as follows:

1. Shakira

This Colombian singer-songwriter, model, dancer and choreographer is not very high up on Twitter in terms of popularity, but is at the No. 1 position on Facebook. She keeps her page lively and active by putting personal video messages and other fun content.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

A little over 103 million fans follow Ronaldo on Facebook, bringing him to the second spot. This Real Madrid footballer is ranked No. 10 on Twitter in terms of popularity, but his FB page is quite active and engaging.

3. Eminem

This American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer has a little over 97.5 million fans on FB. His page is great to know more about his performances, shows and a lot more.

4. Rihanna

The popular ‘Umbrella’ singer enjoys around 90 million followers on Facebook. Like most other celebs, you can get a mix of personal updates and news on her upcoming shows and gigs via the page.

5. Vin Diesel

With a little over 88 million fans on Facebook, Vin Diesel can boast of a lot of love being poured on him via his page. This actor loves interacting with his fans and puts up a lot of updates from his personal life, including love songs for his girlfriend and tributes to his friends and colleagues.

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