25 thoughts on “Summer Fruit Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Does anyone know why the Vietnamese nail techs in America do not pinch the nails ? This must be why my nails begin to lift in both ends after one week . I wish the techs in America were like you .

  2. Love this, the only way I would get my nails done is to have cute fruit on it. Ha, the apple looks out of place though as the other fruits are halved, or in slices, while the apple is whole. A halved pomegranate would have been awesome.

  3. she is so good with a nail file. i have left a salon bleeding. i have always thought the dremel was the way to go, but she is amazing. wish i could find someone in the states that did such an amazing job.

  4. I watch these video's like I watch Bob Ross'… I've never picked up any artificial nail supplies (or a paintbrush) in my life. But I love how relaxing these video's are. And they always get to a point where I'm like: "Oh no, you're ruining it! This is never going to look pretty". But I'm always wrong, those nails always end up looking amazing!

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