48 thoughts on “Ombre Hair Professional Tutorial (Avant Garde Hair Salon Worcester)

  1. thats cool, whatever floats your boat! im actually thinking of getting mine ombred' but worried it will go orange at the ends as my hair is coloured all over?

  2. We would tend to Agree Canashea but we were applying the colour the client wanted and she loves the results. Ombre Colour can be done using a multitude of colours and usually looks better going from a darker root colour to blonde ends but we also work with the client to achieve the look they want.

  3. I have dark brown hair, and i want to have ombre hair with dark brown at the top and light brown at the bottom. Will the salon only do the bottom half of my hair since the top of my hair already has the color i want?

  4. Im going to do this , my hair is very light blonde like the cliant … But im doing this with 3 colors . What i want is meduim brown at the roots , light golden brown at the mids & the blonde color i have currently at my ends .
    Should i dye the light brown first then go ober the roots with meduim brown ? Or what ?

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