24 thoughts on “MY SIGNATURE HAIRSTYLE | Center Part Loose Waves | Blow Dry Tutorial | irenesarah

  1. I'm in love with your hair and your big eyes ♥,♥ really girl your gorgeus, I gona be tray and I hope my hair help me jajaja
    Since I started to watch your videos I'm start to love my skincolor before of your videos I hated

  2. hi Irene, your hair is sooooooo beautiful, I wish I could manage mine just as great as you do. BTW: please do a make up tutorial inspired on Kajol, I will love it . .. thanks… (I hope you read my comment)

  3. Love love love!!!!!! Your hair looks great straight as well! My hair is so frizzy I may have to check out these products and blow dryer! I find moosue makes my hair like crispy ugh. Anyways love your top and makeup and hair! Great video as always! Xoxoxo

  4. rest ur life ur wish…u urself r mature enough and knows wat gud n bad… its easy to rise n gain d success but actual success is when to tk ur religion culture along wid it..m coz dats d ultimate path of life

  5. You seem to get straight hair with one to two passes of the blow dryer. Is that just this blow dryer or does your hair just get straight easily? It takes me forever to blow dry my hair :/

  6. Irene!!! You look so amazing in all of your videos, MA! I was wondering if you could do a makeup tutorial based on Rihanna's look in the "This is What You Came For" music video.

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