30 thoughts on “My Everyday Hair: Heatless Wavy Hair Tutorial

  1. the method you're using is the Bantu knot. if you want more definition or if you want the texture of your hair a bit curlier, do the same process but do 2-4 sections.

  2. I just bought flexi rods the other day!!! I have already used them a lot!! I love them! They are the only things that stay in my hair at night because my hair is super thick! Thank you so much for introducing me to them!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya!

  3. The dark around the roots is that by design or are you growing your hair out? Just curious. I haven't used heat in over a year. My hair is so much healthier. I'm always looking for new heatless styles. I usually just twist it on top when wet but I'm getting bored.

  4. I do that but I take it up on the top of my head so I can sleep comfortable but I don't spray my hair or use any water so it doesn't end up really wavy, just a little bit. I will do it on damp hair next time :)

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