37 thoughts on “Modern Pompadour | Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial

  1. I just through all the comments hoping I wouldn't be the first to say that brylcream is not a pomade it's a brilliant one cream or "Shiny Hair Cream." Great video nonetheless and I dig your style man. If you're interested in joining a pomade community group go to Facebook and search "Everything Pomade." Also I do frequent men's hair product reviews, mainly pomade on my channel as well. Like I said great video keep it up man.

  2. cavin instead of mr pompadour beeswqx can I use hanz de fuko and i just follow the instructions in the video but when you apply the bees wqx I apply the hanz de fuko or how do i do it

  3. Can you recommend any good shampoo for those with psoriasis? My scalp can get very dry and flaky. And do you know any good hair waxes for a dry look for those with very fine hair?

    Nice video btw.

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