28 thoughts on “Men’s short hairstyle ★ Professional haircutting ★ How to style men’s hair

  1. Everything's getting that bit more professional now, from your product descriptions to music syncing and a proper outro. Well done Emil and Rasmus! Keep up the good job!

  2. Every video you guys uploaded and the hairstyle that you do is just perfect! When my friends wanted to change up their style, I recommend them to watch this channel instead of searching it in magazines or insta :))

  3. I have been growing my hair and it's REALLY long and curly. so I have been WATCHING your videos to see different styles for my haircut that I want to get before starting high school. THANK YOU

  4. i watched all ur videos and is obsessed with ur channel and also love each and everyone of the hairstyles done on the channel so far. i really want to meet u guys cuz my previous barber really messed up my hair and by just watching ur videos i would trust u guys with my hair and to give me a new style. i really love u guys especially Katherina and her beautiful smile. can u plz tell me where u guys are located. plz

  5. Loving your videos as always! Just could not get enough of new hair cuts and styles from the Slikhaar tv team.Hope u can do a hairstyle for men with natural wavy hair and keep up the good work as always! Cant wait to see a new hair style for next week !!

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