49 thoughts on “Maintaining men’s long hair while growing it out

  1. I hate it when they cut the side burn so high ! Its not like it was corse and frizzy, keep it natural I don't know, trim it in straight guiche or something ! It'even horrible when the hair is crazy long!

  2. I wish i could find a stylist like you guys near me, Ive had so many bad expiriences that i refuse to let anyone touch my hair and its down to my shoulders now and it definitely needs a touch up but im so terrified to go anywhere cause every time i go they mess it up. I once went and asked to get the back trimmed and thinned out so it didnt look like i had a mullet and he basicaly cut 6 inches of my hair off. i was so angry I refused to pay. and i explained more than once what i wanted. I said i wanted to continue growing it out and that i just wanted the back trimmed by maybe an inch or so and i went from almost shoulder length to it barely passing my eyebrows. sigh..

  3. I think they could of just cut up the sideburns, cleaned the nape, and called it a day. They took off a lot of length; probably setting him back around 2 months.

  4. Its just me or she is SUPER sexy haha, but being serious what about growing your hair when you have receding lines or thin hair ? a video would help ; )

  5. i am thinking of doing this, i have a question tho–

    when the sides start to grow, wont it look bad when they are short and covering on my ears ? what to do about it
    i want to have a harry styles kind of look, if u know what i mean 😉

    and what about the back side, how long should i cut them, they get realy bulky in the back but the length remains kinda small idk why :(

  6. I have very thick hair and a hair stylist used thinning shears on my hair after about a years worth of growth and it was a terrible mistake. It made the ends very thin and the new growth was so much thicker compared with the ends. I'll never let someone do that again.

  7. I'm very interested in a video that explain all steps used to make a layer cut for long and medium length wavy hair for men. I will appreciate the help. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  8. you dont even explain each step for cutting the hair. you just cut the hair and show it and we just got to watch it. i dont even know why you got so many likes

    i searched ' how to cut long hair' and i see this video.


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