42 thoughts on “Long hairstyles for men ★ Top knot & Man Bun style ★ Men’s hairstyle inspiration

  1. I've always had very short hairs and I was never interested in changing it. You guys literally inspired me to grow some hair and pay attention to my hairstyle! Thank YOU so much, I'm big fan of yours. Keep providing us an awesome content please!

  2. my hair is similar to you guys' hair, curly af, and my fringe length is till my nose(4.5 inches??) Whenever I do volumised hairstyles, it looks good in the mirror, but after I leave. The curls start to come back and my hair bends away from each other, causing holes and spots in my hairstyle. Any tips?

  3. Hi guys !!! ghhmm,and girl 😀 I just wanted to say that i am at a hairdressing high school here in Slovenija ,2nd year done 🙂 1 more to go…your videos make me like this job even more ! it's not even a job anymore,it's a passion , which i wish will transform into something as good as your work ! Keep making this videos ! You can't immagine how much you help us ! :)

  4. After watching this channel I not only get super-inspired to try some new hairstyles! I also get inspired to do business like you guys! You guys not only give hair inspiration, but also inspire other people to work with dedication and to their fullest potential !!

  5. Soy latino y me gusta mucho tu canal, los cortes que hacen son increíbles, lastima que tendré que esperarme al menos 6 meses para que me crezca así ha-ha-ha

  6. Awesome video. By far the best hair channel on YouTube. Amazing to think that you can create such an amazing company and fan base simply with the passion for hair. Keep doing what you're doing and uploading like you are and you will only go up from here!

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