31 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad Braid – Cute Lacebraid Hair Tutorial

  1. It's 2016 and I decided I wanted to see what was the first video you ever made. I'm glad I did though because now I know how to do a braid like that. However the braid you did is more for short hair, it looks different on me and I have longer hair. I love it though! I've gotten compliments on it too! This is a perfect hair tutorial though! All the other videos I've seen are in fast motion….I need slow motion! Glad I watched it! Love your videos…then and now :)

  2. Wow Rachel you've grown up! I was just browsing for a tutorial on this and I wasn't expecting to see an old tutorial of yours. I freaking LOVE this girl. Youre explaining this very very well.

  3. Thank you so much love! I have thick wavy shoulder length bob and I never do braids even as a hairstylist and I got this on the first try! Ill def be wearing this in a lot of my next videos lol xo

  4. Why does it matter if people have blonde or brown hair to do this. If they want to do it just let them do it. I don't see how hair color would be such a big factor.

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