48 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake The New York Times’ T Magazine | Mens hair By Vilain

  1. FYI, JT has shorter hair than this guy. Like, 3"-5"long. So if you have that length (I'm 3") it's possible to do this hairstyle, it'll just be harder. Good luck!

  2. MOST of the hair style videos on YOUTUBE…almost 90%…are done with guys who have STRAIGHT HAIR.
    What about those having wavy or curly hair? Are we forgotten?

  3. quick question hopefully yall see this so if i go to a barber shop, cus ive let my hair grow for the past ccouple months so it wild just so i could do this hair style , what would i call it? like for example i ask the baber let me get a bald taper fade and he knows what it is. what do you call that?

  4. Guys I need help. I have Really thick curly hair and I've wanted a style like this. What do I tell the barber how much/ which clip I want off the sides and top

  5. +Slikkharr Tv I got a question okay my hair is really long on the the top n it grow on the sides how can I maintain it for awhile with out a haircut because I always get one every week n its a lot

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