47 thoughts on “Crew Cut Hairstyle ★ Short Men’s Hair Tutorial ★ By Vilain Silver Fox

  1. Sorry, fade sucks. Need more work on fading the line away or at least make it symmetric all the way around instead of jagged up and down on both sides and patches in the back (3:00).

  2. I'm not being messed up but I've gone to get a fade multiple times with girls when barbers ain't around and they don't know how to blend in the fade what so ever plus every single girl I've let trash my hair up left patches and left it too long what's up with that?

  3. Yeah I really love it when the video is labelled as a "tutorial" and there is nothing tutorial about it. Just showing a person cutting hair with crappy techno in the background is NOT a tutorial! At least explain cutting technique.

  4. Im wondering what the name of a similar haircut to this is. Its like crew cut, with tapering from longer length at front-top to crown, but unlike the crew cut it has same length all around the back and sides (same length as the crown fades to). Anyone know? Its a pain trying to explain it to hairstylists. Its a really good haircut for me because when it grows longer the shape is still good so it lasts for a long time and only needs a quick clean up now and then.

  5. I think people in the comments are having trouble understanding there is more than one style of haircut for men out there and THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FADED! That's the type of cut they were going for they even say it's not supposed to be faded in the video!! 

  6. Wait it's not suppose to be faded??? Oh Damn sorry marine corps guess to some of these sped fucks your doing it wrong….my apologies. Hey….hey you box fuck it is suppose to be faded..wtf 

  7. To be completely honest, the haircut is actually a pretty awful haircut.  However, I understand that this is in another country, but the blending aspect to the haircut is pretty terrible.  The guy in the video is one of those good looking guys that make any haircut look good.  Go to any barbershop in The United States and if you walk out of any shop with a blend like the guy in the video that shop wont last a week.  There is an art to fading, blending, shaping, and styling mens hair.  Plus the last of it is to detail the haircut with the straight edge razor with great finesse.  Perhaps a full shave.  Now that I wrote all this, I guess i'm talking about a barber, the people in this video aren't pretending or trying to be barbers, so with that said, good job!

  8. I was wondering if anyone would comment on how terrible this guys fade was! Good thing some people know what a good fade looks like. This video is so comical to me I was thinking it would be a really funny SNL skit to have people like this cut hair! But have all of the cuts look ridiculous and then I have stupid stupid people comment about how they love their stupid haircut. This video should be entitled mentally handicapped people giving haircuts. For charity. Might as well raise some money for a good cause. 

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