36 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Acrylic Nails. Tutorial Videos by Naio Nails

  1. I've done my own acrylics about 3 times but they always start lifting around the cuticle by day 6/7 I push back the cuticles, buff the nail gently so there is no shine, use primer then apply the acrylic. I file them and shape them but I don't use a gel top coat just a regular nail varnish top coat. Any suggestions? when I went to the salon they lasted about 2 weeks before I got any lifting.

  2. I bought Naio products and practiced on my sister, but it was a really bad outcome. I learned so much from this tutorial. I didn't even know you had to pinch a nail with a tip vs without a tip! Hopefully, with more practice, I will get better!

  3. LOVE, LOVE THE TUTORIAL.. Best I've ever seen – Small recommendation: I would have the camera person focus on the nails and the steps while you are working and show you when you are just talking.

  4. I wish the people here in Michigan were as professional as you. Here you are VERY lucky if they even give you time to wash your hands first. And my favorite part is that they try to use other people's used items on you, like files and etc. Nasty. I quit going because of this. YOU ARE AMAZING. I would love to have you do my nails. TYVM.

  5. I noticed in some of your videos your acrylic brush is in some kind of holder that seems easy to control. Where do you get them? I absolutely love your nails ad videos!! So inspiring.

  6. I just wish you would do my nails I've gotten nails so many times but don't last long and they don't come out even they are all lumpy and I also have very short bitten nails and I always wanted French tip but I can't get them because of my bitten nail they come out really super short and I don't like them like that love your work 

  7. I had my first acrylic nails this week and ended up with the exact opposite of your skills…over filed natural nail bed, 1 mm thick nail tip and way too long. now i know what to ask for. thanks a bunch

  8. Hello can you do a video on how to do back ground or back drops before the nail arts because there seems to be none on youtube and your videos are clear good quality and concise thank you very much

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